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2004 Sale Results

Some cattle for sale2004 Gardiner Angus Ranch 25th Annual Production Sale

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Twenty-fifth anniversaries should be special. The occasion is particularly special in the beef business since few operations reach such a milestone. April 3, Gardiner Angus Ranch reached the milestone with their 25th anniversary sale offering of 959 head. Three hundred thirty-six buyers from 38 states made the event historic from every perspective. Nine hundred fifty nine head grossed $5,918,050. The sale was completed in eight hours.

The high selling bull, GAR Integrity, sold as Lot 1. Half interest in Integrity, currently leased to Select Sires, sold to Sunny Valley Farms, Yorkville, IL, and OakTree-Gaffney Cattle Co., Barneveld, WI, for $255,000. Integrity, sired by Bon View New Design 1407 and out of GAR Precision 1019, posted some of the most remarkable numbers of any non-parent bull ever raised at Gardiner Angus Ranch. The next high selling bull, Lot 4, GAR 1407 New Design 5072, a full brother to Integrity, sold to Mark Boggess, Twin Falls, ID, for $38,000. The next bull in the ring, Lot 5, also a full brother to Lots 1 and 4, sold to Gary Wattis, Casper, WY, for $32,000. Lot 121, another 1407 son out of the great Precision daughter, 810, sold to Parker Ranch, Waurika, OK, for $17,500. Express Ranches, Yukon, OK, took Lot 8, GAR 1407 New Design 5682, home with a winning bid of $17,000. Doug Smith, Jamestown, TN, and Charlie Hoffman, Eureka, SD, each purchased bulls for $15,000, selecting Lots 35 and 61, both 1407 sons. Lot 9, GAR 1407 New Design 7062, sold to Harold O’Neal, Amarillo, TX, for $14,000. 7062 is the #1 IMF non-parent bull of the Angus breed. Long-time customer Charlie Goad, Reedsburg, WI, purchased Lot 12, a 1407 son out of 2536’s sister, for $13,500. Lots 2, 6 and 7 sold for $13,000 each to Virgil Lawlis, Austin, TX, Tom Davis, Yates Center, KS, and Kenny Woodard, Princeton, NC, respectively. Lot 139, GAR 6I6 Rito 7722, the top 1% $B ranking son of 6I6, sold to Leachman Cattle of Colorado, Wellington, CO, for $12,000. Stanley and Glenda Haag, Coffeyville, KS, purchased Lot 11, a stout Traveler T510 son, for $11,000. Four bulls, Lots 14, 36, 37 and 46 sold for $11,000 each to Charles Williams, Jena, LA, Frank Bills, Severy, KS, Eric Schmitz, Argyle, TX, and Select Sires, Plain City, OH, respectively. Bob Keifer, Guide Rock, NE, took home Lot 183, another 1407 X Precision mating, for $10,500. Four more bulls, Lots 20, 22, 32 and 55 sold for $10,000 respectively to Tim O’Neil, Prineville, OR, Bill Greving, Prairie View, KS, Charlie Hoffman, Eureka, SD and Tom Ayres, Stevensville, MT. At the end of the day, 404 bulls averaged $6,164.00.

The most popular female in the sale this year was Lot 427, GAR New Design 80, an 036 daughter out of GAR Precision 2536, one of the most proven females in the breed. Tim O’Neil, Bonnieview Ranch, Prineville, OR, purchased this tremendous female for $250,000. The second high selling female was Lot 441, GAR Precision 1660, a Precision daughter out of GAR EXT 614 and was purchased by Riverbend Ranch, Idaho Falls, ID, for $85,000. Jim Coleman, Vintage Ranch, Modesto, CA, took home a pair of donors. Lot 447, another 2536 daughter sold for $60,000 and Lot 443, another 614 daughter sold for $55,000. Stan Thomas, Three Trees Ranch, Sharpsburg, GA, purchased Lot 440, an 036 daughter out of GAR Precision 706, to add to his impressive donor list for $45,000. Terry Horton, Westlake, TX, purchased the top two high selling bred heifers. Lot 598, GAR 1407 New Design 1082, was the high selling bred heifer at $45,000 and her mate, Lot 595, an 036 daughter out of 2114 for $35,000. Tim O’Neil and Michael Shrader, Hickman, NE, each purchased donors, Lot 432 and Lot 449 for $42,000 respectively. Both females were daughters of 036 and Lot 432 is a GAR Precision 706 granddaughter while Lot 449 is a 706 daughter. Riverbend Ranch added Lot 438, GAR EXT 4540, to his load with a winning bid of $40,000. Gary Wattis, Casper, WY, paid $40,000 for the high selling spring ET heifer, Lot 751, GAR Grid Maker W23, a Grid Maker daughter out of GAR 6148 Emulation 2509. Repeat buyers Tim O’Neil and Stan Thomas added 2 more donors to their loads with Lots 446 and 444, selling for $37,000 and $35,000 respectively. Camp Cooley Ranch, Franklin, TX purchased Lot 458, GAR Precision 4560, for $32,000. The second high selling spring ET heifer, Lot 778, sold to Eldon Flinn, Fittstown, OK, for $31,000. Two more donors, Lots 442 and 445 and a bred heifer, Lot 590, sired by GAR Retail Product, sold to Autry DeBusk, Ewing, VA, Fred Weiker, Fayette, MO and Tim O’Neil respectively for $30,000 each.

The top selling pen of 8 commercial heifers sold to Gary Matthews, Clarksville, TN, for $2,875 each. Gary also had the winning bid on 2 subsequent pens of 7 commercial heifers at $2,750 each.

Bill Freeman, Cunningham, TN, purchased the top selling brood mare, Paulines Three, out of Sancho Lit at $3,000. Keith Robertson, Sayre, OK, purchased the top selling yearling filly, GAR Desert Rose, out of a Tee J Jolly Jack mare at $3,000.

Female volume buyers

Darol Rodrock, Bucyrus, KS; Terry Horton, Westlake, TX.

Bull volume buyers

W.T. Waggoner Estate, Vernon, TX; Keith Robertson, Sayre, OK; Joe Mayer, Guymon, OK; Sam Hands, Garden City, KS; and Phillip Renner, Gruver, TX.

Additional note of interest

23 bulls and 73 females sold for $10,000 or more.

2004 Gardiner Angus Ranch 25th Annual Production Sale Totals/Averages

Total Lots
Total Head
18-month-old bulls
AI stud
Spring ET yearling bulls
2003 Donor females
2004 Donor females
Cow/calf pairs
Bred registered cows
Bred 18-month-old registered heifers
Open 18-month-old registered heifers
Spring ET heifers
Bred & open commercial heifers
Quarter horse brood mare
Quarter horse yearlings



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