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Production Sale Averages for 1980-2019

2013 Sale Results

Some cattle for saleOnce again our friends, customers and fellow beef producers have humbled us through their support of our program. We are truly grateful and gratified. Your commitment to better beef production through dynamic genetic improvements leaves us even more resolute in our determination to produce “quality pounds in the right package.” We sincerely appreciate your business.

34th Annual Production Sale

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View video of bred commercial heifers that sold (Group 1)
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View videos of Quarter horses that sold
GeneMax scores and updated info for bred commercial heifers that sold (updated 4.3.13)
Current EPDs for Bulls with 50K Profiles
Sale day update sheet
Updated 50K for Spring ET Heifers (Lots 742-766)
Current EPDs and updated "outs" on bulls


9th Annual Fall Bull Sale & "Profit Proven" Gardiner Influenced Commercial Angus Female Sale

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