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The GAR Report focuses on industry related topics and other articles of interest to the beef industry. If you have any industry related questions or specific issues that you would like to have addressed in The GAR Report, please submit them to us through our contact form or e-mail us directly.

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Southern Carcass Improvement Project


2009 to 2012

A study to determine the carcass improvement that can be made in one generation using high carcass value Ang us bulls on typical Southern-origin beef cows representing typical bos indicus-influenced genetics most often found in Southern states. The SCIP addresses the beef industry's long-standing need for higher quality grades and better overall carcass traits in Southern U.S. packing plants.
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A History of Genetic Evaluation at GAR

Spring 2011

A history of genetics evaluation at GAR and a look into the future using genomic information

Practical Application of DNA Technology--Gene Markers

Spring 2011

Gardiner Allied Producer Commitment

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Customer Connections Audio and Video Series

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Project Beef

ProjectBeef Educational Web Programming

Live Educational Webcast

“Genetic Defects—The Old, The new and The Misunderstood”
Featuring Dr. Sue DeNise, MMI Genomics, Inc. and Mark Gardiner, Gardiner Angus Ranch
Monday, February 16, 8:00 PM
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