Henry C. Gardiner Scholarships Awarded to Four K-State Students with Diverse Interests
February 2018
Henry C. Gardiner Scholarships for the 2018-2019 school year have been awarded to Dean Klahr, Holton, Kansas; Whitney Whitaker, Atascadero, California; Wyatt Durst, Morrowville, Kansas; and Cameron Hayden, Cassopolis, Michigan.

Celebrating the Life of Mary Nan Gardiner
June 26, 2017

Four Henry C. Gardiner Elite Scholars Announced for 2017-2018
March 1, 2017
Henry C. Gardiner Scholarship recipients for the 2017-2018 school year are Shelby Teague, Fort Morgan, Colo.; Brooke Jensen, Courtland, Kan.; MaRyka Smith, Hoyt, Kan.; and Callahan Grund, Wallace, Kan.

Rigorous Competition Results in Four Elite HCG Scholarship Winners for 2016-2017
February 16, 2016
The 2016 Henry C. Gardiner Scholarship winners include Cami Roth, Sterling, Kan.; Barrett Simon, Leon, Kan.; Lauren Prill, Wichita, Kan.; and Savannah Speckhart, Princeville, Ill.

Join Greg Gardiner on a Tour of GAR's New Bull Development Center
August 14, 2015

Congratulations to GAR Customer Roscoe Harvell, Winner of the Earl C. Brookover Memorial Award at 2015 Beef Empire Days
June 2015
The steer was sired by a son of GAR Pinnacle and graded USDA Prime, Yield Grade 2.4 with a 17.11 square inch ribeye.

A Pound of Gold is Worth More Than a Pound of Lead
Spring 2015
Recently, a GAR customer harvested a group of steers that contained sons of GAR Progress and GAR Sunrise along with a third group. View the charts and see why "it's good to have more gold"!

Henry C. Gardiner Scholarship Winners Announced for 2015-2016
February 12, 2015
Michael Cropp, Damascus, Md., Jared Bourek, West Point, Neb., and Steven Westrup, Protection, Kan., have been awarded Henry C. Gardiner scholarships for 2015-2016 at K-State.

Celebrating the Life of Henry C. Gardiner
January 30, 2015

Raising Perfect Beef Through Science (The Lempert Report)
January 22, 2015

Farmers Deploy New DNA Test for Tastier Meat (Wall Street Journal)
January 7, 2015

"Beef Cattle Genomics Come Full Circle" as Evidenced in Tech Two Project
December 2, 2014
Wes Ishmael discusses results from our Technology Two-Step (Tech Two) project.

From the Breeding Box
Customers and friends often call or send emails with questions related to their breeding program. We do our best to answer the questions or we contact someone in the industry with the expertise needed to answer the question.

Henry C. Gardiner Scholarship Winners are Announced for 2014-2015
February 13, 2014
Lindsay Upperman, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania; Brady Jensen, Courtland, Kansas; and Esther McCabe, Elk City, Kansas, have been awarded Henry C. Gardiner Scholarships for 2014-2015 at K-State.

GAR Predestined, Legendary Angus Sire, Has Passed Away
January 3, 2014
The 14-year-old Angus sire earned enormous industry acceptance and is one of the all-time top semen selling beef bulls at Select Sires.

Genomics Coming of Age for Commercial Beef Herds
Winter 2013
The growth in DNA usage for commercial cattle herds has come from the ability to predict performance traits.

Managing Genetics
Winter 2013
The most fundamental part of a cow herd is its DNA. Now is the time for DVMs to get involved with genomic information to help producers manage defects and improve herd performance.

Message from Mark Gardiner on August 12, 2013
August 12, 2013

Crossbreeding or Straight Breeding. Have a Plan.
June 2013
Tom Brink, President, J&F Oklahoma Holdings, Inc., shares his thoughts of breeding programs from a cattle feeder's perspective.

GAR Interns Lindsey Grimes and Elaine Martin Share Thoughts on Their Recent Internship Experience
June 2013
The GAR internship program provides students an opportunity to add a different perspective to their educational experiences.

Thanks to Steve Hunt as First Presenter of HCG Lecture at K-State
March 2013
Steve's presentation was a fitting discussion and illustration of Dad's vision for the beef industry - a value-based system that rewards a producer for a better product.

Henry C Gardiner Scholarship Winners for 2013-2014 Announced
February 19, 2013
Tyler Schultz, Haviland, Kansas, and Jared Wynn, Ashland, Ohio, have been awarded Henry C. Gardiner Scholarships for 2013-2014.

Triangle H Wins Prestigious Brookover Memorial Award Third Year in a Row with GAR Sired Steer
June 2012
Long-time Gardiner Angus Ranch customer and friend, Sam Hands, Triangle H Grain & Cattle Company, achieved the Beef Empire Days Earl C. Brookover Memorial trifecta!

GAR Customer Randy Browning Keeps It Simple, Uses the Data, Makes Money!
Spring 2012
An analysis of Randy's previous reports document the value of improved feedlot performance as well as premiums earned above cash market at the packer. His 2012 closeout is even more impressive.

Henry Gardiner Scholarship Recipients Announced
March 5, 2012
Hannah McCabe, Elk City, KS, and Calyssa Thomas, Harrold, SD, have been awarded Henry C. Gardiner Scholarships at Kansas State University.

How Much Is A Good Bull Worth?
March 1, 2012 Cow-Calf Weekly
I received several emails last week questioning my comments about the increased value of genetics and whether one can justify the record prices we're seeing for bulls. So, I spent some time looking at the numbers between bulls with very solid EPD profiles and comparing them to breed average bulls.

Gurley Selected as GAR's Spring 2012 Intern
University of Arkansas junior, Nicole Gurley, Huntsville, Arkansas, has been selected for the 2012 Gardiner Angus Ranch spring internship program.

Fertility Is Important To Us
Reproductive efficiency is the most important factor determining profitability of a commercial cow-calf operation. Therefore, reproduction is at the forefront of the GAR genetic selection program. The best “tool” for improving the genetics controlling reproduction in Angus cattle is the use of expected progeny differences (EPD) for heifer pregnancy rate (HP).

GAR Steers Move the Profit Bar Higher to Finish 2010
December 2010
Closing out 2010 with another pen of steers earning far above industry average is definitely a great end to the year. Thirty-seven head of GAR steers fed at Triangle H Feeders, Garden City, KS, sold through U.S. Premium Beef and harvested at National Beef in late December continue to document profitability through earned superior carcass premiums.

GAR Customers Discuss the Value of Ultrasound Data
December 1, 2010
Ultrasound Matters
Producers Who Make Data Based Decisions See Profit At the End
How important is ultrasound data to a producer making genetic selections? “The only way to make decisions is to look at performance data and ultrasound data,” says Blake Crawford of Adair, Iowa. Crawford runs a commercial beef operation he describes as ‘farrow to finish.’ “If you have animals that are not measuring up, you have to rely on ultrasound to identify the reason and improve future generations.”

The Growing Angus Advantage
November 3, 2010
After decades of genetic progress, this ain’t your dad’s Angus. Evidence suggests the Angus breed has been developed since the 1980s to a point where crossbreeding may not provide a feedlot or carcass advantage. Two recent feedlot analyses, on more than 86,000 head, show Angus cattle beat crossbreds on feed, and data from the USDA Meat Animal Research Center (MARC) says the breed has caught Continentals in many growth traits.

GAR Steers Ring Up Big Grid Premiums
June 2010
It’s the beginning of a new decade, and what better way to step into the future than with cattle that ring up BIG grid premiums and leave “industry average” so far behind you can barely see it.

More GAR Cattle Ring Up Big Premiums on USPB Grid
June 2010
Ask any cattle producer what another $100 per head would mean to their bottom line, and you will probably hear something about being able to take their operation’s profitability to a whole new level. THRIVING instead of just SURVIVING might even be mentioned.

Cutting Horse Legends Raise $13,000 for Ashland, Kansas Schools
August 2010
Three of the cutting horse world’s most esteemed teachers, trainers and competitors gathered in Ashland, Kansas, to offer their professional expertise and to raise money for the Ashland, Kansas, public schools. Buster Welch, Shannon Hall and Dirk Blakesley spent the day conducting a one-on-one clinic with 21 participants.

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