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40th Anniversary Spring Production Sale April 6

Gardiner Angus Ranch’s

40th Anniversary Spring Production Sale
Saturday, April 6, 2019 • 9 AM

At the Henry & Nan Gardiner Marketing Center • At the ranch near Ashland, Kansas

Approximately 1,271 Head Sell

  • 342 Registered Angus Bulls
  • 386 Registered Angus Females
    • 56 Donors
    • 67 3-N-1 Pairs
    • 111 Bred Cows
    • 152 Bred Heifers
  • 532 Commercial Females
    • 20 Bred Cows
    • 160 Bred Heifers
    • 140 Spring Pairs
    • 2 Load Lots Bred Heifers

Check out highlights of bulls selling
Check out highlights of females selling
Watch highlights of bulls and females selling on our YouTube channel
Watch video of bred commercial females Load Lot 2

Join us Friday evening, April 5 at 5 PM for our annual educational forum, featuring respected beef industry consultant, Nevil Speer.

Watch the sale and bid live online at LiveAuctions.tv. Register to bid prior to sale day.

Before the sun rises April 6, the Gardiner Angus Ranch team will be filling the alleys in preparation for the 9:00 AM sharp start of our 40th Spring Production Sale. In 1980, the first sale featured 50 bulls and 29 females. The bulls averaged $1,447, which was nearly $200 below the sale average for Angus bulls in 1980. Buyers were even less excited with the female offering. The females averaged $931, which was more than $300 below the sale average for Angus females that year. It was the first sale. Henry Gardiner was determined. His determination wasn’t simply to post the highest sale average in the country. His determination was to understand what makes money in the beef business, then implement the information into practical breeding discipline.

Our history is well documented through Henry’s determination to discover and implement objective genetic evaluation tools backed by proven science. His determination, and ultimately our mission at Gardiner Angus Ranch, weren’t popular in some corners of seedstock production. Yet, Henry Gardiner’s determination to discover and adapt precision genetic tools would not be dissuaded.

Obsessive record keeping, cattle feeding, trips to the packer to record his own carcass data for decades, on-the-ranch research studies and seeking information and advice from the brightest minds of the day were simply the cost of doing business. All were necessary to achieve Henry’s goal to develop a breeding philosophy that was sustainable for our family and profitable for our customers.

Four decades later, we’re eternally grateful for the legacy left by Henry and Nan Gardiner. Our business philosophy hasn’t changed. As a family ranching operation, we continue to invest in the same cost of doing business research, data, genetic evaluation tools and science, in an effort to add value to the Angus beef cattle produced at Gardiner Angus Ranch.

Using the same breeding discipline Henry developed more than four decades ago, the average of the 2019 spring sale offering ranks as follows:
  • Top 15% for calving ease
  • Top 10% for growth
  • Top 1% for marbling
  • Top 10% for ribeye
  • Top 7% for $Beef
  • Method Genetics Index for Retained Ownership (ROI) ranks the offering in the top 7%.

April 6, 2019, signifies a Gardiner Angus Ranch milestone and an opportunity to confirm our commitment to the same fact-based beef production Henry was determined to achieve.

We hope you can join us!

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