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Registered bull highlights selling in our 45th Annual Spring Production Sale on April 6, 2024

Just Being Angus Isn't Enough—We are proud to be part of the "Angus Nation", but we are tired of hearing other Angus breeders or commercial producers say "They're Angus, that's good enough." When it comes to selection for calving ease, marbling and pounds in the right package, just being an Angus bull isn't good enough. We appreciate the advantages Angus cattle have over some other breeds in many economically important traits, but to think "being Angus" is enough, is foolish. The best way to explain this is by addressing some of the misguided comments regularly spoken or posted on the internet. Let's get started.

Single Step, Real Time Genomics—Listen to Mark Gardiner discuss the importance of single step, real time genomics provided by Method Genetics. The data produced by the St. Joseph, Missouri, based company is a powerful and timely resource to make the best decisions at Gardiner Angus Ranch.

Managing Structure—A constant topic amongst cattle producers is that of feet and legs in Angus cattle. Listen to Mark Gardiner discuss the management protocol at Gardiner Angus Ranch for monitoring and screening cattle for bad feet in their herd. Form and function are vitally important in any herd and are closely watched on the ranch.

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