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Triangle H Trifecta

Prestigious Earl C. Brookover Memorial Award Won by Triangle H Third Year In A Row!

June 2012

Long-time Gardiner Angus Ranch customer and friend, Sam Hands, Triangle H Grain & Cattle Company, achieved the Beef Empire Days Earl C. Brookover Memorial trifecta! This is the third consecutive year for a Triangle H entry to win the prestigious award with a GAR sired steer. The steer, entry number 274, had a live weight of 1,316 pounds and was sired by GAR Game On. The Angus steer placed fifth live and third in the carcass contest to post the best combined finish of the 97 head entered in the show. The steer had a carcass wt. of 838 lbs.; dressing percentage of 63.68; yield grade 2.36; backfat 0.52 in.; ribeye 15.7 square inches with an average Choice quality grade.

The Earl C. Brookover Memorial is awarded to either the grand champion steer or grand champion heifer. A joint decision of the live and carcass judges determines the award. Each judge independently determines which of the two animals is the better in their respective show. If each judge decides that one was best in both shows, that animal shall be awarded the Earl C. Brookover Memorial. If the judges decide one animal is best in one show, and another animal best in the other show, then the judges jointly discuss and evaluate the animals and agree upon which of the two animals most ideally meets the needs of the beef cattle industry. Ranking of the grand champions within their respective division is not a consideration in the Earl C. Brookover Memorial award procedures. The grand champion steer and heifer only compete against each other for this award.

A GAR Predestined steer fed at Irsik & Doll, Garden City, Kansas, for Thompson Research Center took home champion live steer honors. The steer had a live weight of 1,364 lbs.; 806 lbs. carcass wt.; 2.77 yield grade; and an upper Choice quality grade.

Ninety-seven steers and heifers competed during the 44th annual Beef Empire Days. While most beef competitions consider only phenotypic qualities, Beef Empire Days cattle must compete live and then be judged to determine the overall value of the carcass. As stated at, “Throughout the years, the original goals have remained, including advancement in the production and quality of beef, improvement of communications, and continued education and promotion of beef.”

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