Ted Schroeder Selected to Receive the Mark and Eva Gardiner Innovation & Excellence Faculty Award at K-State

May 2, 2024

Dr. Ted Schroeder, K-State distinguished professor of Agricultural Economics, in the Department of Agricultural Economics, has been selected to receive the 2024 Mark and Eva Gardiner Innovation and Excellence Faculty Award.

Dr. Schroeder received degrees from the University of Nebraska and Iowa State University before joining the K-State faculty in 1986. His research on livestock marketing and price analysis provides information and direction for the livestock and grain industries. His research focuses on improving commodity market efficiency by investigating price discovery methods, improving market coordinating mechanisms, and applied risk management. Schroeder also teaches courses in marketing and risk management.

He has authored or co-authored 140 peer-reviewed articles, nine book chapters and more than 60 research reports. Dr. Schroeder is a sought-after national and international participant at conferences and symposiums discussing a wide range of issues relative to livestock marketing, trade, price discovery and paradigm changes throughout the agricultural industry. In addition, Schroeder has been a contributing author to industry trade publications for more than 40 years. He has served in an advisory capacity on many committees, boards and feasibility groups that have had a tremendous impact on marketing all commodities and meat animal proteins throughout modern livestock production and farming. Schroeder continues to advise state and federal legislators and administrations relative to ag policy and the Farm Bill.

Ernie Minton, the Eldon Gideon Dean of the College of Agriculture, said Schroeder’s professional and personal impact on generations of K-State students is “incalculable.” “We are grateful to Mark and Eva Gardiner for recognizing Ted Schroeder with this award,” Minton said. “He is one of the most productive faculty members in the department with a tremendous capacity to positively impact our teaching and research missions in agricultural economics.”

In announcing the award, Mark Gardiner said, “Dr. Ted Schroeder is a lifelong educator that truly made a difference in our family and Gardiner Angus Ranch’s growth and sustainability. In 1995, the beef industry in America was failing. A few fellow K-State alums and I, along with a few others concerned about the decline in the beef industry, developed a bold plan that eventually became U.S. Premium Beef (USPB). Dr. Schroeder was instrumental in advising us as we developed our plan. We staked our future on the success of USPB and forged ahead with a true investment by putting our own “skin in the game.” We were determined that we had to succeed. Most within the beef industry assumed the project would fail, including many industry peers. Ted Schroeder recognized the potential and the necessity for industry change. He became a trusted advisor, helping us to navigate a new path that would enable producers to be paid based on the quality of beef. Since 1997, U.S. Premium Beef has generated $2.7 billion in revenue back to the stockholders with grid premiums and earnings from processing. U.S. Premium Beef literally changed the DEMAND equation for the beef industry by developing economic incentives that led to the production of higher quality beef. Eva and I are truly grateful for Dr. Schroeder’s commitment to excellence at K-State, our family, and American agriculture.”

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