Congratulations to GAR Customer, Roscoe Harvell!

June 2015

Congratulations to longtime Gardiner Angus Ranch customer, Roscoe Harvell, Eutaw, Ala., for the grand champion and Earl C. Brookover Memorial Award winning steer at the 2015 Beef Empire Days celebration. The steer was sired by a son of GAR Pinnacle and graded USDA Prime, Yield Grade 2.4 with a 17.11 square inch ribeye.

The Harvells retain ownership on all fed cattle and keep heifer replacements for the cow herd. All feeder cattle are sire and dam identified. The cow herd is rigorously evaluated based on end product performance of the calves.

Roscoe readily credits Ken Burch, manager of Beefland feedyard near Garden City, Kan., for much of the success in producing better beef. The Harvells have loaded calves on a truck and shipped to Beefland for more than 15 years. Ken's risk management expertise and Gardiner genetics have helped the Harvells build a profitable and sustainable beef operation in the Southeast.

Reserve champion carcass steer at Beef Empire Days was raised by Gardiner Angus Ranch and fed at Triangle H, Garden City, Kan. The steer was sired by GAR Sunrise and graded USDA Prime, Yield Grade 2.5 with a 16.01 square inch ribeye.

Nearly a half century ago, a group of 13 cattle feeders decided a little friendly competition seemed like a good idea. Today, the week long Beef Empire Days celebration doesn't much resemble the original back in 1968.

Neither beef producers or cattle feeders had sorting tools other than visual appraisal. Fast forward to today and the steer and heifer contests are arguably the most competitive in the industry. Thanks to science and technology, the events have been a tremendous educational tool for both cattle feeders and beef producers.

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