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Thanks to Steve Hunt as First Presenter of HCG Lecture at K-State

Steve Hunt, former CEO of U.S. Premium Beef, and now Advisor to
U.S. Premium Beef, presented the first Henry C. Gardiner Lecture
at K-State in March 2013.

View video of Steve Hunt's presentation

Gardiner Angus Ranch wants to offer our sincere thanks to Steve Hunt for presenting the first Henry C. Gardiner Lecture. Steve’s presentation was a fitting discussion and illustration of Dad’s vision for the beef industry-a value-based system that rewards a producer for a better product. We also want to thank Emilie Fink, K-State Foundation; Dr. Ken Odde and Dr. Dave Nichols, Dept. of Animal Science; Dr. Larry Corah, Certified Angus Beef and all the many folks at K-State who helped make the lecture a success. Above all, we want to thank every customer, friend and fellow beef producer that made financial contributions to see this lecture come to fruition.

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