Henry C. Gardiner Scholarships were awarded to the following K-State students for the 2020-2021 school year: (L to R) Abbey Schiefelbein, Kimball, Minnesota; Katie Lybarger, Garnett, Kansas; Colton Ivers, Austin, Minnesota; Hannah Williams, Kearney, Nebraska; and Annie Schoetmer, Batesville, Indiana.

2020-2021 Henry C. Gardiner Scholarship Winners Announced

February 18, 2020

In the most diverse and competitive applicant pool to date, 19 candidates representing 11 states competed for the coveted 2020-2021 Henry C. Gardiner Scholarship awards. Five students were selected and will receive financial assistance for their academic excellence and commitment to making a difference in agriculture. The Henry C. Gardiner Scholarship is designed to identify Kansas State University students with animal sciences and industry as their chosen major and with the greatest potential to make a difference in the future of the beef industry.

All candidates must complete a detailed application. A designated panel conducts a rigorous interview with each of the finalists. Applicants are evaluated on academic excellence, work ethic, leadership potential and attitude. Recipients must express an interest in animal genetics, animal nutrition, animal health, reproductive management, agribusiness management or marketing.

The five students selected to receive 2020-2021 Henry C. Gardiner Scholarships are as follows:

Colton Ivers, Austin, Minnesota, is a junior and a member of the K-State meats judging team. Colton plans to return to his family‘s farm and grow their seedstock operation.

Katie Lybarger, Garnett, Kansas, is a junior and also a member of the K-State meats judging team. Katie plans to pursue a master‘s degree in meat science.

Abbey Schiefelbein, Kimball, Minnesota, is a junior majoring in food science. Abbey plans to work in research and development helping to create more nutritious and affordable food, thereby decreasing food insecurity.

Annie Schoetmer, Batesville, Indiana, is a senior planning to pursue her master’s in meat science. Her interests and experience have influenced her decision to focus on developing more palatable lamb protein products.

Hannah Williams, Kearney, Nebraska, is a junior meat science major as well. Hannah was raised on her family‘s generational Hereford operation and has diverse interests ranging from animal health in the cattle feeding sector to meat science research.

“The five students selected to receive scholarships for 2020-2021 represent everything we all want to believe about the future of agriculture. Their areas of interest represent the diversity our industry must embrace to bring about change,” said Mark Gardiner. “Henry Gardiner‘s curiosity and continual search to make genetic improvement through better science, technology and education serves as a role model for these students. We are confident the five students selected will benefit from this scholarship, complete their educations and go on to become future industry influencers.”

The endowed Henry C. Gardiner Scholarship is possible through the generous contributions of Gardiner customers, friends and family in an effort to continue the legacy of Henry Gardiner. Students classified as a rising-junior, junior or senior, either enrolled in or planning to enroll at Kansas State University with a major in animal science and industry or closely related field may apply. Scholarships are awarded annually to students meeting rigorous criteria and exhibiting a commitment to focus on improving the beef industry and food animal production.

Gardiner Angus Ranch is a family-owned and operated business that produces registered and commercial Angus cattle. The original ranch was homesteaded near Ashland, Kansas, in 1885 by Henry Gardiner‘s grandfather. Today, the ranch encompasses more than 48,000 acres. The Gardiner operation sells approximately 2,500 bulls and 2,000 registered and commercial females a year. One hundred percent of the sale offering each year is the result of artificial insemination or embryo transfer.

Gardiner Angus Ranch is a founding member of U.S. Premium Beef, the producer-owned limited liability corporation with minority ownership in National Beef, the nation‘s fourth largest beef processing company. By providing access to a proven value-added processing system through GAR delivery rights, Gardiner Angus Ranch customers have received more than $10.16 million in premiums and dividends.

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